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This Domain name is for sale in the portfolio AMO.

Hello, I'm Sylvain Larose, the owner of this Premium Domain Name.
Over the course of many years we have built these 5 Portfolios and now, in december 2013, we offer      
them for sale in the market, for the first time. Building such complete portfolios today would be a very     
challenging task as the market of premium domain names is fairly saturated, even in South America.       
But we have done all the work for you!

All of our domain names are spelled correctly.

Spanish and Portuguese domains differs according to their respective orthography and some are
covered by both languages. Example: Brazil is in English as Brasil is in Spanish & Portuguese.
You can verify that I am the Owner & Registrant by doing a WHOIS search here:  GoDaddy Whois
All 350 domain names of the network (5 portfolios) are registered with GoDaddy.
The portfolios for sale are: Amo, Explora, Vacaciones, Inmobiliario and Webmasters.

Exponential increase in traffic and visibility.

Which translate to further advancement of your agenda and your sales going way up.
Huge SEO traffic advantage to have these separated websites into a logical network!

You are covered for all South America and Central America.

For example, some domains are covered both with and without the dash.
Those without the dash are redirected to the one with a dash between the two words.
All South America and Central America in English, Spanish & Portuguese!

All the portfolios are connected at the core of the network.

The websites of these portfolios can be managed individually, by groups or as a whole.
Our Websites are following the highest web standards.

Any offer, based on comparable sales data, will be considered.

The sale will be processed through an independent and licensed third party escrow service in order to
protect both buyer and seller, until both parties verify that the transfer has been completed per terms set.
A renowned & trusted firm, with all the information, here:

AMO, the Masterpiece.

AMO, a network of 270 websites covering all South America.
Many famous touristic sites names are also included.
This Network can be an umbrella organization for a host of other activities.
This set-up can easily be implemented on servers from your country.

America Sud

Our 4 Other Spectacular & Connected Portfolios.

The following 82 websites are online and connected.
Working as a program, they are managed as a whole, as groups or even individually.
All included.  No Spying, unless you want to...
All exclusive.  A fiscal paradise, unless you want not...
A GameMaster: Keeper of the Keys of the Masters of the WebMasters.

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